Fabric is priced per Yard or per Fat Quarter ~ Below are fractional conversions to decimals for ordering Quilting Fabric Yardage.  You may order as little as .25 yard. 
1/4 yd = .25 ~ 3/8 yd  = .375 ~ 1/2 yd = .5 ~ 5/8 yd = .625 ~ 3/4 yd = .75 ~ 7/8 yd = .875 ~ 1 yard = 1
Example for 1 5/8 yards of fabric = 1.625 would be entered into the Qty box.

Most basic colored Fabric Yardage and Pre-Cuts (if out of stock) will be re-ordered for you at the SAME sale price. If we cannot re-order, due to a discontinuation by the Manufacturer, we will contact you to give you similar options of fabric that will help you finish your project. We love fabric too, and we know that if you can get it on sale, buy it! So if we can Re-Order anything for you, we definitely will try!

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